The Provicon Connect team consists of coordinator and German instructor Julia Dobos and a network of qualified and experienced language trainers (for German, English, Spanish, French, Russian, Hungarian) hailing from multicultural backrounds themselves. What connects us is our fascination with languages, and the identities and ways of thinking that are expressed by languages.

“My name is Julia Dobos. Born in Budapest, I grew up in Bavaria and learned German as a second language as a child. From a very young age I experienced how cultural differences influence our communication, and how these can also harbor potential for conflict. I have lived in Spain and Ireland, which further expanded my linguistic and cultural horizons. When I began to teach German as a second language, I discovered my passion for teaching language, with all the challenges and successes this involves. I strengthened my practical knowledge during my studies in Intercultural Communication, German as a Second and Foreign Language and Spanish Studies. Recently I have been in charge of organizing language courses at various educational institutions, where I also focused on quality assurance.”