“I lived in Germany for a couple of years and never paid much attention to learning German properly. Therefore, when I had to get a German B1 certificate I contacted Julia. In about 3 months and 18 hours of 1:1 training and of course my efforts, I was able to crack the Telc B1 with 95% in the written exam and 100% in the oral exam. Julia has a tendency to teach engineering minds as she can explain the concepts to non-language lovers. I was offered flexible times, good assignments at very reasonable prices. Proud to be the first 1:1 customer of Julia. I would highly recommend her.”

“I’ve experienced a clear, fun and continuous improvement on my German skills but I’d say the best of this course is how available to adapt to your needs Julia is. Specially ideal for working people with limited free time.”

“After several years of unpracticed German, Julia gave me the confidence to speak German with native speakers without fear or apprehension! Thanks to her experience, Julia quickly detected where and how I need to improve. Each lesson is clear, organized and obviously fun!”

“Após um ano com a Julia, posso dizer que melhorei significativamente o meu nível de alemão! Comprometida, flexível e proactiva em atender as necessidades especificas de cada um dos seus alunos, alguns do pontos fortes que distinguem a Julia enquanto pessoa e profissional.“

“The relaxed environment created by Julia makes learning German fun! I have to highlight that classes are approached in a very dynamic way, which keeps you interested and at the same time improve significantly your level.”

“Julia’s lesson are very effective. You learn german quickly in a relax and fun atmosphere!”

“The classes with Julia have been a surprise because of how positive, interactive and dynamic they have been. All classes have an active and comfortable atmosphere. Due to the current situation, the online classes have been very well adapted to the needs of the students and the experience is more than positive.”